Mosaic Wooden Tablet Stand

Hobbitats & Such

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These one of kind tablet stands are designed and handcrafted by Hobbitats & Such.

Each mosaic stand is unique and no Two (2) are alike. For a limited time you can order them here at Asccoa Woodworking. Thirteen (13) of these incredible stands are available at this introductory offer, so get one while supplies last.

These beautiful stands are made from a variety of local and exotic woods, these stands are approximately 7"L x 6"H x 5-1/2"W and are tilted at a 45 degree angle to the base. all dimensions may vary slightly as each stand is unique.

Each stand listed has a reference letter associated with it, once you decide on the stand you prefer click the matching option. If it shows as sold out we apologize, it just means someone else has already purchased that stand.

These tablet stands will be shipped direct to you from Hobbitats & Such.

Suitable for a variety of Tablets and iPads.