Where we came from and Who we are

Susan and I were born and raised in Calgary, we have kept our roots firmly planted here, working, raising a family and venturing into various businesses over the years.

Susan my best friend and amazing partner, currently enjoying my 34th year of marriage! (How has She put up with me is amazing!) Susan has always been incredibly supportive of my ventures. With out her support I would not be as capable and skilled as I am, Thank you for all you do my love!

Woodworking for me started with my father, he worked in the garage on weekends building nicknacks and items for the house that were needed, as well as items for family fun and the outdoors. He would build one of kind camping boxes, camping games and picnic items as well as various items that were required by friends and others. Like my father, it was more of a hobby at first, but I enjoy it immensely, that's why it was so easy to make it a part of my business life.

The company was started when one day, while I was delivering goods to a client from my first business, I over heard him talking with someone on the phone " I needed this by 9:00 am tomorrow and you call me now to tell me that it's not possible" after a few short (not nice) words he hangs up and starts talking to me about the product I have for him. I quietly ask what did you need so badly? He responds " 4 lined wood crates" I said oh, seems simple, I can build crates. They are not difficult, and if you only need 4, I can make them tonight and deliver them in the morning. Well that was my first order for a company I had no name for yet.

That is what prompted "ASCCOA"  an acronym for "A Small Company Capable Of Anything", it portrays how simple you can start something by listening to what people need, and that means you could be capable of supplying anything.  

We are capable, caring, understanding and love what we do, it simply flows over to our business. When you have people that surround you with love and support you can do anything!

It is our vision to supply a clean, well made product, from quality and sustainable materials and be a good corporate citizen.

Someone once said "Enjoy what  you do and do what you enjoy"!

I do!

A Small Company Capable Of Any Woodworking job, it’s how we think, it’s how we will continue moving forward.


Thank you

Bruce & Susan


“You don’t have to be great at something to start, but you have to start to be great at something”

Zig Ziglar